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I had been sitting around home having a few drinks on a Saturday night with my wife and my mother in law. My mother in law is in her 50's, and fairly tidy for her age, even if she is a bit on the plump side, (so is the wife). We had been renovating the house and were just relaxing after a hard days work. My wife decided that she had had enough to drink and was off to bed, but I stayed with the mother in law drinking for another two hours or so, eventually she went off to be too and left me alone. As I became more and more drunk I decided to go to bed. I walked down our long hallway and went into our bedroom. I undressed, and feeling a little horny I stripped naked and snuggled next to my cuddly wife. I pushed my by now semi erect member against her back and slowly kneaded her ample breasts. Her nipples were sticking out more than usual. She must have been up for it because she reached around and took my cock in her hand and slowly rubbed my balls. I reached down to feel her pussy, only then it occurred to me what had happened.

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There was no hair on her pussy, I thought she must have shaved down for me as a surprise, but when I heard the voice say "go down on me" I nearly shot my load right there and then...I was in my mother in laws bed. We had only just moved bedrooms during the renovations, and in my drunken state I didn't realize where I had gone into our old bedroom. I quickly thought to myself, this must be a dream. I then thought to myself, what the hell and passionately kissed her. It was strange at first, but excited me almost over the edge. I slowly slid down her body, kissing her huge breasts, and then across her soft stomach, finally I tasted her pussy. It had a sweet aroma, as if she had been playing with herself before I got there, what ever it was I wanted it. I dove my face right in and flicked her clit with my tongue. I could hear her groaning, as is straining not to scream out.. She grabbed my head and fucked my face with her pussy. I heard her whisper, "I need you inside me, I haven't had a man sine I left my husband."


Well that was about 10 years ago and it nearly blew my mind, I thought to myself, "how horny must she be.?" I slid back up her body, and positioned my tip of my cock against her soaking wet pussy. Slowly I pushed it in, it slid in so easily, she writhed up and I could see in the dimly lit room that she was biting her lip so hard, just begging to scream. I started to fuck her, slowly at first, then rammed my whole 6-1/2 inches into her. She bit my ear and said is a muffled voice 'I'm coming....." with that she dug her fingernails into my back. I was in pain, she had dug them in so hard, but there was no way I was stopping. We fucked for about 10 minutes and then she whispered, turn me over, "I want to be fucked from behind... I need it." I rolled her over and slid myself into her from behind, grabbing at her dangling tits as I did. She said, "fill me up, fill me up I need to feel it." I kept pumping harder and harder, until I could feel my cock go rock hard, I spurted a huge load deep inside her, she moaned in ecstasy, and grabbed me to keep me inside her. I shot another huge load, it seemed to just keep coming and coming. All of a sudden she rolled over and grabbed my cock in her hand and led it to her mouth. She sucked and sucked until every last drop of my juice was gone, then collapsed on the bed. I can't believe how good this was, nor can I believe it has happened almost every week since. She is the best fuck I have ever had.

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